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Here is my current predicament.

I've been a watch fan all my life, though at 23, we can't exactly call that an inordinate amount of time.

My current watch collection is as follows

Suunto Vector Military
Suunto Ambit prototype watch
Suunto Ventus
Suunto Terra
Tissot SomethingSomething (black chronograph with yellow second hand.)
1970 Cartier Tank, rectangle shape
1950 ish Omega, model unknown, round with champagne dial.

Those are my watches worth anything. I have plenty others, Fossile, Vestal, Timex etc etc. But these are the only ones worth over 500 as singles. I inherited the 2 antique pieces, and both are too small for my wrists, so they just hang out in a safe-deposit box collecting value.

So I want a real "long life" watch that I can wear a few times a week without worrying it's going to shatter.

How does everyone feel about the Planet Ocean series from Omega? The non-chrono versions are in the 4's, so not outrageous, and the 10 year service intervals are super nice. I've always liked Omega more than Rolex, because they come in larger sizes, a 43+ is mandatory, 44+ is preferred, but no bigger than 46. So the Big size would probably be nice, but I want to try the larger. Here is what the 43mm Planet ocean looks like on my (kinked sideways) wrist.

Watch Analog watch Clock Font Material property

Is there any difference between The current model year, with the crystal backing, and the recent years when they still had the "sea monster" on the backing. Is there any internal difference? I like the older models backing better, the metal will slip less than the crystal when sweating. But if there is any difference other than backing, i'd like to know.

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The previous model has the cal. 2500 co-axial movement. The quality of this movement is doubtful (see other threads). 3 year warranty.

The new model, released 2011 uses the all new in house 8500 co-axial Si14. Seems to be a far better movement. 4 year warranty.

The chronographs uses 3313 (old) and 9300 (new). The 3313 is also doubtful.

Also, on the new modell the bezel is ceramic if you get the black bezel.

I have the PO Chrono 9300, and i love it.
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