First death in my Invicta family.

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As the title stated had my first death of an Invicta watch. My F0027 died. Not positive about the time of death but the watch was on 8:47 on the 25th. When I put it on Sunday I noticed the date and time was off but the second hand was moving. So I changed the date and then the time and noticed that the second hand wasn't moving when I was done.
This is my work watch and I was off that day so not sure. I wear another watch to and from and wear this one at work since I bought it used with a scratched crystal. Doubt I'll get it fixed. I tried a new battery and it didn't fix it. It'll cost at least $35 for the shipping alone to and from Invicta, and who knows what may be needed to make it work again. Might just keep it for the parts and play with it. My pain and grief will be short lived as I have a brand new 5731 on the way. I will post pics once I get it sized.
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Unfortunate! Knock on wood, I have yet to have an Invicta die on me, the same cannot be said for more expensive watches I've had or have! The problem with a quartz watch is they can die suddenly or live forever, I have watches from the 60's and 70's that just get a battery change about every year and a half and just keep on going. Pretty much everything I have before the 60' is an automatic or mechanical.

Good to hear you're moving forward, enjoy the new watch! P.S. Like your taste in watches also!!
Don't you mean 1957? Or, maybe they didn't start selling them till 1958. And that should have read 'before the mid 60's', lol, since I don't know what 'The 60'' would be!?!
I didn't know Invicta used the pin and collar system on any of their watches. I'd only seen that on Seiko and Citizen watches. . . live and learn!
LOL I'll be right up! LOL By the way CometHunter are you the guy that has a 1017? The 1017 is the Holy Grail of my very short wish list for Invictas that I still want to get.
Well Bill, do you mind if I call you Bill? The center picture, the 47mm Reserve Pro Diver that, perhaps, has the Super Luminova arms and markers. On the back it should say 1017 or maybe 4463. It will depend on if it is an automatic or quartz. I'd really like to know, when you get a chance.

Darrin (the 3DGM)
It's, the 1017, actually a Pro Diver, many places say it's a Grand because it's 47mm! BUT, even their descriptions say Pro as does the back of the watch itself! (another give away is the lack of a Diver Dan anywhere and you can find places that list it as a 'Pro Diver/Grand Diver'. . . hmmmm! LOL) I didn't look very close at your picture or I would have known it wasn't a 4463, which is a COSC watch and considered by some to be the best watch Invicta ever sold. And it's wasn't the 1542 because it did not say Lithium on the face. My tired old eyes could not see the (cough) diamonds, I have a Wittnauer that was a gift from an ex- that I think has that has that same (cough) diamond, though it may be a tad bigger, but there is only one at 12 o'clock on an otherwise clean face.

Still, a nice looking watch, enjoy it!
I think I know what causes the confusion now, Invicta itself. According to their catalog your 6882 is not a diver at all, it is simply a 'Reserve' watch. Yet everything on Mr. Google says it's a diver.

Then again, according to the Invicta catalog, there are no Grand Divers they are all Pro Divers. That includes my 3044, which, oddly, has no less than five Diver Dans and 'Grand Diver' printed (or engraved) no less than three times. Ya gotta love it!!! LOL
@vaderdaman, First ignore the clown, a card carrying member of the IBC (Invicta Bashers Club). Using ETA as an example; an ETA G10.211, the work horse of the ETA quartz line will cost you about $60 U.S. The G10.211 is the bottom of the ETA food chain, but, they don't make junk and it's a good, accurate movement. As you step up the chain you can add about $100 U.S. at each step.

There is a site, I can't remember the name, essling maybe or something like that, that sells movements and I'm sure there are many more that you can check.
My friend if your 1564 is a three sub-dial, date and D.O.W Reserve model that sells for about $300, give or take, I would not think a the $170 is that far off the mark. I would have thought $130-$140 would have been about right, but I would have admittedly been guessing. A Ronda, no 'H' by the way, is a very good movement. I have lots of them, for the most part 8050's d's and e's, maybe an 8080 or two and some of their older 3.3 number systems. One rarely hears of a Ronda dying like that, but, you know what happens.

There is TMI movements, but, you've got to look at what you are going to have for usable dials when switching. If it were me in this case I'd just set the watch aside until I hit upon a Pre-Owned one for sale at a good price. Good Luck!!

Also, the 1564 is not the only Invicta to use that movement, so, a used watch priced right might really be the way to go. Just a suggestion.
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