First death in my Invicta family.

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As the title stated had my first death of an Invicta watch. My F0027 died. Not positive about the time of death but the watch was on 8:47 on the 25th. When I put it on Sunday I noticed the date and time was off but the second hand was moving. So I changed the date and then the time and noticed that the second hand wasn't moving when I was done.
This is my work watch and I was off that day so not sure. I wear another watch to and from and wear this one at work since I bought it used with a scratched crystal. Doubt I'll get it fixed. I tried a new battery and it didn't fix it. It'll cost at least $35 for the shipping alone to and from Invicta, and who knows what may be needed to make it work again. Might just keep it for the parts and play with it. My pain and grief will be short lived as I have a brand new 5731 on the way. I will post pics once I get it sized.
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My condolences to the rest of the fam. Now go out and get yourself a proper watch
Anyone know what a new movement should run for this watch? Or a good source for decent movements? Thinking of making a custom dial and just putting it back together.
Also I just bought a used dead 1564. The chronograph functions properly but the watch doesn't keep time. I bought it for the bracelet which I've put on another watch, but I really liked the blue dial so I thought I'd look at getting it up and running again.
Thanks for any info or links.
I'm not exactly sure, but my guess would be $15 maybe $16 for the movement
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