First death in my Invicta family.

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As the title stated had my first death of an Invicta watch. My F0027 died. Not positive about the time of death but the watch was on 8:47 on the 25th. When I put it on Sunday I noticed the date and time was off but the second hand was moving. So I changed the date and then the time and noticed that the second hand wasn't moving when I was done.
This is my work watch and I was off that day so not sure. I wear another watch to and from and wear this one at work since I bought it used with a scratched crystal. Doubt I'll get it fixed. I tried a new battery and it didn't fix it. It'll cost at least $35 for the shipping alone to and from Invicta, and who knows what may be needed to make it work again. Might just keep it for the parts and play with it. My pain and grief will be short lived as I have a brand new 5731 on the way. I will post pics once I get it sized.
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Pretty much everything I have before the 60' is an automatic or mechanical.
That's pretty much the only 2 choices you had! :001_tt2: 1958 was the first year Hamilton electric watches showed up in their catalogs.
Don't you mean 1957?
Oops! You're right. :blush: A little keyboard boo-boo there.

Good catch. You can stop by my office anytime to claim your prize.

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By the way CometHunter are you the guy that has a 1017?
Nope! Got 3 and that's all I'll ever own...and no I don't know the model numbers! :glare:

Pro Diver Auto (Miyota)

Reserve Pro Diver (Sellita SW200)

Quartz Speedway

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2 you mind if I call you Bill?...
They've been doing it for 59 years and I haven't stopped anyone yet!

Congratulations. You actually got me curious enough to take it out of the display case and take a look...
it's actually the 6882 because of the (cough,cough) "diamonds" used as hour markers whereas the 4463 has regular dot markers. And according to Mr. Google the 1017 is a Reserve Grand Diver rather than the Reserve Pro Diver.

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Interesting! All I know is it has Model No. 6882 engraved on the ''Diver Dan-less '' exhibition back, it's heavy enough to be registered as a concealed weapon, and has the Sellita movement which is really why I bought it.

Thanks! And I do enjoy it - enough to hang on to it. Though being in my regular rotation that isn't often.
i think i know what causes the confusion now, invicta itself... Lol
l m a o

Why am I not surprised? :blink:
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