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Well, it truly has been a while. I remember my last post had to do with my invicta and how the bezel had come off. Now I am back to post on some greats news, at least for me. I have always been a great admirer of Omega and although my family is a Rolex family and love them to death, I never quite found myself falling in love with Rolex. Granted, Rolex's are beautiful especially the submariner which was the one that I was looking for. Nevertheless, my heart truly was with Omega and the seamaster line.

I just got off a cruise and this time I had planned, like my father did many many years ago, to go to St. Thomas and purchase an Omega. I went with the intention of looking for both the Seamaster 300m and the Rolex Submariner. I always steered away from the Planet Ocean--my true love--because I felt the price was to much. Well, when I walked in to see how much the submariner was I was :eek:hmy: I reconsidered and although I would have paid what they were asking for, I then realized, holding the Rolex, that it just didn't call my name out. It was sparkling like the SM and PO were. So, I went back and picked up my PO 2200.51.00. I am truly in love with it and cannot helped but look at it constantly.

I believe in Omega and although I am not one to sit back and argue and fight over which timepieces are better, I truly believe that the PO is a great buy. I bought it from Dean Bump who is a contributor to HR magazine (I believe). He was very nice and helpful and explained to me how the co-axial movement was a superior movement and one of a kind currently in the market. He also explained how I will have to only service it about every 9-10 years or maybe even more.

One thing I wanted to bring up was how does Omega truly stack up against Rolex and Breitling? I was told by a Breitling dealer that the only competition they have is Rolex and many believe they are superior to them. He mentioned that Omega is no where near. I am just curious.

I will be posting pictures later on. Once again thank you for reading this.
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WELCOME Mike to WTF Omega Forum:thumbup1:

I am positive you will love yor Omega.

I own Rolex also and its a wonderful watch, but hands down I prefer
my Omegas, as you said.... they speak to me.

could we see some pictures when possible please?

enjoy your stay, glad you are with us Mike:thumbup1:

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One thing I wanted to bring up was how does Omega truly stack up against Rolex and Breitling? I was told by a Breitling dealer that the only competition they have is Rolex and many believe they are superior to them. He mentioned that Omega is no where near. I am just curious.
Each watch brand has their followers..

The bottom line is; for a top-end timepiece, there is no way to define "better", and certainly not "superior", there are differences, but any claim of better is subjective and cannot be proven..

Personally I respect Breitling, but their niche is the overly busy calculator dials - I don't like them..

Rolex is the gold standard all others are compared to...It's marketing machine is unequaled. Despite the naysayers, the engineering innovations and use of precious metals, durability and consistency are also far ahead of most any other watchmaker.

Omega is no slouch and is truly Rolex strongest competitor in the sport line-up..

Thank you everyone.

Here is a picture. Now, I am using the regular built-in flash so it is not all that.

Shot with NIKON D200 at 2007-12-15
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Very nice indeed... :thumbup:

About the Rolex-Omega thing... Many reviews have been written, comparing both... Sometimes the one comes out on top, and another time it will be the other... At this price point, they're all great IMHO and it all comes down to personal preference....

Hey Mike


You have a great watch there

and on the other matter, well remember you were after all
speaking with a Breitling dealer whose impartiality must be in doubt.

I would rather pay heed to Dean Bump's assessment than the dealer's. Omega's achievements in space where the Speedmaster was chosen over other brands in two separate tests, in the field of sport where it is for the 23rd time official timekeeper for the Olympics and in the wide range of horological pieces, either at entry level or haute horology speak for themselves.

Enjoy your PO and your weekend


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Thanks for your picture. Love this model of the PO.

I wonder if you might consider shooting more in natural light and indeed without the flash. I think you'll find the tones more natural.

All my best

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:)there you go mike,
looks great:thumbup1:

that earns you a Seamaster Owners Club Card,



BTW , Larry I agree, how can one fine watch be "better" than another?
owning several koronets, no doubt they are a marvel, but I feel the same about Omega and the stying and other factors lead me to say "I prefer", it has to all be personal preference... and you said it well, thanks:thumbup1:
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Thank you very much guys, truly you have given me and my PO a warm welcome.

I love the Rolex submariner, but in deciding which one to take that day, the PO really spoke to me. I am truly in love with it, honestly.

Once again thank you and you will see many more PO pictures soon.

I noticed you had 3 posts, so: Let me welcome you to WTF!!!!

No doubt you will find this board quite interesting, as we have multiple forums, each with its own bunch of characters.

Have you seen our FAQ yet?

Take about 30 seconds to read, and explains the forum.

If you are intersted in posting pictures, and we love to post here, check out Mr. Houston's Quick and Easy way to post. Guaranteed Success!!


Posting pictures is very easy. Here's what you do -

1. Register with a picture host like
This is a free service for up to 1,000 images.

2. Once registered, use the choose or browse function on your photobucket homepage to locate the image you wish to post, from your hard drive

PLEASE REMEMBER to set the maximum size of the image
800 x 600 is best
Anything else would make viewing and accessing the page for users difficult.

3. Click SELECT and then UPLOAD

4. Once uploaded, simply copy the fourth option under each image on your photobucket homepage and paste it into the body of your text here. This fourth link is the Image Tag.

If you have any questions at all, you have a few options too:

Just post a thread and ask! We answer a wide range here and everyone is willing to help anyone out. For stuff not covered by watches, you can post in the Community Forum.

You can also send an Administrator/Moderator a PM (Private Message) to do that, just click on the person's name, and then select private message.

So, put your seat back in an upright position, tray back in place, and strap yourself in and enjoy WTF!!!
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Thank you timefinder for all the help.

I am using imageshack is that okay?

I look foward to posting more pictures, good ones, and seeing what you guys thinkg. I will now take a few seconds to go through the faqs. Once again, thank you everyone for such a warm welcome.
I have a question about the bezel that omega makes. Are they simliar to the ones that Rolex makes which are made out of ceramic? Are all Rolex bezels made out of ceramic?
I have a question about the bezel that omega makes. Are they simliar to the ones that Rolex makes which are made out of ceramic? Are all Rolex bezels made out of ceramic?
Hi there Mike... The ceramic bezel is only found on rolex's new GMTII... There is a lot of guessing that the regular sub will receive it to when it's updated (2009-2010), but no official anouncement of this, nor the update has been given at this point... Hope this helps
Hey Mike

Imageshack will work here too although I think you'll find that Photobucket is very much more user-friendly. The vast majority of us here use Photobucket because of its' ease of use. A free account handles up to 1,000 images and once you've exceeded that you can create another account.

Hope this helps my friend

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Here is another one. I am not good with pictures of watches. This was taken with a huge lamp, my D200 and 18-200mm lense which is not a macro lense. It is not good at all, but just to show you guys another picture of my baby.

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Very nice watch Mike - Simply love that ergonomic bracelet.

Be well now

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That's a great picture..

You could probably crop it a bit and our image account will automatically enlarge it..

Congratulations again..

Mike: Very nice picture and Great Watch!!!! :) :thumbup:
Thank you guys. Nevertheless, I am not happy with it. The lighting is just killing me. I had the kelvin temperature set at 4300k I think for this picture. Anymore and it will come out even more yellow. I am going to go ahead and take a look at the tutorials for taking pictures of watches on this forum.

It's late, I have been up over 20 hours, and I need coffee or sleep; but, I have to ask.

You had the Kelvin Temp set at 4300K. You sure? .1 Kelvin = 459.22F. And 4300Kelvin = 5764580 F. Or equivalent of many suns in the room.

So it can't be a true temperature equation. What did you mean?

Ok. time for coffee!!! WOOHOOO!
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