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Discussion Starter · #1 · (Edited) has been a long time since I have posted here. I have been wearing Invicta's 52mm Russian Divers for about 3 years now and love them. I have 6 of them all different colors such as chrome, black...and my favorite blacked out skeleton Russian Diver Quinotaur.

I do have smaller wrists at about 7" but I completely pull off these bigger watches as I am a bigger person (not height wise I am right at 6 foot with shoes on) but I weigh about 235

I could not imagine wearing a watch any smaller and have tried...ever since going with a 52mm watch I am forever doomed to having to wear bigger watches (like that is a bad thing, lol). I am not going to complain about me smaller watches all look cheap to me. Some are nice but just look funny to me after years of wearing 52mm's.

Anyway I thought it was time for something different so I just purchased the "Invicta Reserve Venom F0003" and cannot wait to receive this.
This is also one of the most expensive invicta watches I have purchased which is close to $500.00 I did notice many are around $100.00 cheaper but I really love the color combination of the F0003.
I realize that this is supposedly a tremendously humungous (based on numerous reviews) watch but I think I can pull it off.
I do not think there is a size limit that everyone should be when wearing a watch. I see many skinny guys especially where I live wearing huge watches and I think most of them look really edgy and cool...I just do not care for the blingy stuff.
...this is the reason I chose the F0003 being that it has a beautiful black finish on it with a nice rich looking deep blue dial.
I am sure I will probably be surprised by the size and weight of this watch but still I do believe I can pull off wearing this.
I have seen some pretty skinny guys on YouTube showing this same type of Invicta and to me once again they look great on them regardless of how big the watch is on them. is nice to be back on the forum again I do not know how I got away from this place and what a refreshing feeling finally ordering a different style Invicta than what I already have.
Any comments good or bad are welcome regarding this particular Invicta Reserve Venom.
Even the name sounds really nice. :sneaky2:

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