Field Chronograph Options

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Hello -

I'm looking to pick up a 'casual' field piece. I'd like it to have the following features:
Quartz Movement
Alarm (nice but not a deal breaker)
Leather strap
Glows in the dark
between 42 and 44mm, any bigger and my small-ish wrist will make it look like a grandfather clock.

I tried on the Luminox 1840 series and I like the look, features and size (42mm), except they are an old model and time is ticking away at the tritium (could be a couple of years old by now, correct?)
The Luminox 1940 series is also nice, but at 45mm, a little big for me.

Lum-Tec M45 is also nice, but on the bigger end of what I'm looking for.....would really like to try one on first (are they only on the web?).

Am I missing any other good options? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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