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We probably shouldn't pound this guy too hard, at least he had the sense to ask . . .

There ARE some amazing scores out there, sometimes you get lucky. I got a Vostok Submarine Commander from a thrift store for a quarter, seller said it didn't run, needs a battery. Clever Russki's, you wind the stem and it works a little dynamo which charges the battery ;-). I was selling Vostok watches for a while (new), supply dried up because it seems Vostok Europe got into a fight with Vostok Russia over copyright, so no more Russian Vostoks right now. Mine is older, it was made when it was still the USSR. They aren't/weren't expensive watches, under $100 new, but for 25 cents, hey not a bad deal.

I had a nice spare-time gig for a while fixing watches for a hospice resale/thrift shop. Their instructions were if it needs a battery, do it, anything else is yours. They didn't want ANY mechanical watches because invariably someone would buy them and the next day bring them back saying "it stopped".

Scores: 1871 Illinois pocket watch, series 1. Omega Speedmaster Deville, 1965 vintage, rose gold movement, runs. Bulova 214 Accutron (not a Spaceview), battery not easily available, it had a truly nasty NATO strap glued on with hot glue, which I cut off almost instantly when I got it home. Runs perfecly. Couple of 40s and 50s vintage Bulova watches ("Senator" series and similar), couple of Hamilton watches. A fake Rolex which I opened (had to buy the Rolex style case wrenches off eBay) to see what was in it, and it had a Seiko 8250 movement in it - obviously a fake, but not utterly ghastly. Strange looking "high style" woman's watch (quartz), saw two offered on eBay for $300 or so each. Had to put a $9 movement into it, Dear Bride said it was ugly and she didn't want to wear it.

Also got a 1930s vintage car dashboard clock/watch. Looks like a BIG pocket watch, they went onto the dashboards of prewar expensive European cars. I forget the name, but the current owner of the name knew ZERO about it.

Someone also donated a bare reasonably current Breitling movement and dial - no case - real thing, correct ETA movement and all. Lume falling off the hands, but the dial is good and the movement works.

Gig ended when they accused me of getting into a fight in the parking lot. That was complete news to me, I was 69 years old at the time, and have never been in a fistfight in my life (before or since). Might have been my evil twin brother, but I don't know for sure. Haven't seen him either, before or since, so I guess some things will remain a mystery.

Best Regards and happy Turkey Day to all!
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