Factoid of the Day - 12/10/07

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The brand comparison site says the five most popular watch brands are:

1. Rolex
2. Movado
3. TAG Heuer
4. Omega
5. Seiko
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I understand all EXCEPT Movado.
I agree from a WIS standpoint, but it's amazing how many plain ol' folks think Movado is a high-end watch. I've got several friends (men & women) who think their museum line is a luxury brand. It's priced in the luxury, but I bet most of us would classify it there. And trying to convince them otherwise is like beating your head into a wall.... Not to say they're not nice. They are a nice, good quality watch but I do believe they're greatly overpriced for what you get most of the time (deals can be found though).... Just my opinion..

But, the public perception is 99% reality.... :confused1:
Sounds like they're talking about brand recognition.
Nope, favorite brands.
Movado is very popular and, of course, widely recognized.
I am with Scott on Movado. By no means am I knocking anyone who owns one (to each his own!); but, I would not classify them as a high end watch. But, hats off to their marketing department. If they are in the top 5, they are certainly doing something right.
This has to do with popularity and public perception, not WIS-dom. Most regular folks think Movado is a high quality luxury watch
Here's a cool Movado that breaks from their "norm"
That's a nice watch Foggy...

Movado does make a nice watch. I think they're a high end fashion line. My wife has one & loves it. They don't do anything for me as they're all a bit small (both diameter & thickness for me) but if they made a large 'dive style' or large dress watch I'd be interested. They are too much money at MSRP or even 10% off for what you get IMO, but if you can get a great sale, then they're a good buy.. My wife got hers about 50% off, so it wasn't bad at all.

But then you can say many a watch is too much on the MSRP's...
I agree with most here that the Movado "Modern Watch" line is anathema to me. I mean a watch without calibration? That's like a woman without, well, nevermind.

As far as Movado's quality goes, I'm hoping it's good, because I just bought that ESQ, which is one of Movado's brands.

Here are some Movado watches that might interest some here.

Junior Sport



Series 800
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I wonder how that stands with their rank on $$ spent on advertising.
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