Factoid of the Day - 12/05/07

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Wristwatch replacement dials - for brand names like Sandoz, Accutron and others - cost between $2 and $20 each retail.
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Hmm..... I wonder how much Rolex, Omega, IWC, and Ball cost....
Well, a $2.00 dial is an all-printed one, like the last generation Seamaster, and a $20.00 one would have more work and/or more costly materials.

The current Planet Ocean with applied white gold indicies, has the added cost of material and labor to apply them (and the Omega logo too).

So, currently, the Planet Ocean dial is more costly than the Rolex Submariner dial, but we all know which one has the higher retail price (in a watch or on it's own as a spare part). Food for thought....:scared:
Does that price include the individually hand applied markers not to mention the wages paid to those who assemble these dials in the finest factories in the world??

Oops, sorry you said Sandoz and Accutron:001_tt2:
Hey Jim, Don't forget some of the Rolex dials do have white gold / yellow gold markers too. And a few have applied logo's... :thumbup1:

TF, depends on the dial. Talking to the AD awhile back, they had to replace a guys platinum 40mm YachtMaster dial.. Cost? $4,000 plus labor :scared: :scared: :scared:

The meteorite dial is about $3,500 more in a watch than the 'standard' dial, so I imagine that's even more than $4,000 'off the shelf'.

I'd imagine these 2 are probably the most expensive non-gemstone dials they make, along with the MOP's, which are slightly less (relative of course)....

"excuse me sir, would you like to replace the dial in that watch or buy a brand new Submariner or SeaDweller?"..... :crying:
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