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The new Explorer II model 216570 debuted at the Basel 2011 show, but the watch was missing one item to make it the perfect watch, and that piece was the GlideLock clasp normally outfitted on the Rolex Submariners. Voilà, a GlideLock clasp on my Explorer II. The GlideLock clasp should be standard on the Explorer II, but unfortunately the only way to pimp this watch was to source the GlideLock clasp separately.

The great thing about the GlideLock Extension System is that it enables easy adjustments in 2mm increments and offers a total extension of up to 20mm, long enough to fit over a 3mm wetsuit, or on the outside of a long sleeve shirt or thin jacket.

I have more comparison picts and a small write-up at here.

With the GlideLock clasp, the watch is now perfect.

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