Explorer II and GMT feature

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I just bought a pre-owned Explorer II from Tourneau. The price on the new ones just jumped I think something like $600 and so the preowned piece seemed like a good idea. It was manufactured in 2000. I have a stainless/gold datejust that I've had for about 18 years which I think looks really good.

Anyway the question relates to the big red hand that is suppose to track the 2nd time zone. I did not get an instruction manual on setting it. But I did figure something out and set it to track EST while I'm PST - so 3 hrs ahead.

I would expect the big red hand hand to stay exactly 3 hrs ahead of the hour hand. This does not seem to be occuring.

What should I be seeing? Any help/advice would be appreciated.


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OK, thanks. That is what the watch appears to be doing. So I guess it doesn't automatically track a 2nd time zone. But by having the 24 hour clock displayed it is easier to track other time zones.

would like to know where to get a manual for the explorer II
Hey Mate,

Somewhere out there on the net is a site which has all the manuals on-line,for the life of me I cant remember which but I am sure someone will chime in.

Now as said before the red hand operates on 24 hour time hence the bezel makings and you can actually track three time zones;

1) with the normal hour hand,
2) with the red hour hand and
3) with the bezel rotated to a position that relates to another time zone.

The reason the red hand is in 24 hour mode and also the two colour bezels (red/blue and black/red) is to allow the easy way to work out if it is am or pm.

Once you have played a little bit you will get the hang of it as the red hand on a 2000 model onwards is easily adjusted quickly.(Quickset).

Enjoy and if I remeber where the manual site is I will drop you a line.

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