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Hi guys. I wanted to take a few moments to address a concern that I see pop up here on the forum every once and a while. The issue I’m referring to is Androids flat rate shipping costs.

As your "official" Android Ambassador I’ve taken the time to research and outline some information that I’m hoping will be helpful in explaining the methods and reasoning behind Android’s current shipping rates as well as offer some suggestions to help reduce your shipping costs on future purchases.

Host Shopping Cart:

First off, whenever you make a purchase through the Android website, you should know that by default you are using an off-the-shelf (very basic) software product to complete your on line purchase. This software is manufactured by a company called Volusion. Ten of thousands of small and mid-sized e-commerce companies use this software every day to transact business. It is this software that allows you to select your items from the Android website, place them in your shopping cart, choose a method of payment and ultimately allows you to place your order. Unfortunately in its basic form, the Volusion software is not sophisticated enough to calculate all of the different criteria which comes into play when calculating different package weights, package sizes, regions/zones/destinations, etc. That means that Android and all other companies who use this fulfillment software are forced to set a flat shipping rate regardless of an items weight or package size or destination. That’s why you currently pay a flat rate of $11.95 shipping whether you order a deployant clasp or a weighty Vulcano watch. (More on that in a second)

Preferred Mail Carrier:

Android has deliberately chosen UPS as their preferred mail carrier. UPS offers fast and safe transport of your items, offers comprehensive insurance coverage (if needed when filing claims) and allows for immediate package tracking when necessary.

In light of the limitations mentioned above, Android has never felt it's fair to force you to pay a flat rate which quite honestly does not favor smaller/lighter items so what they've done is significantly reduced the cost of their smaller/lighter merchandise to help offset the few extra dollars in shipping costs. Let me give you an example. Android sells its clasp for $8 to $10 which is a significantly lower retail price to compensate for the flat rate shipping fee. Most other companies sell their clasps for $25 to $30 plus shipping. Android is still less expensive for the clasp including the shipping fee. Android will also sell Hadley Roma (hand made in USA) alligator straps with quick change pins for $19 while other companies are selling them between $50 to $99 plus shipping fee.

Here's the key to additional savings: Android strongly encourages you to order multiple items at a time when placing an order. They only charge an extra dollar for each additional item so the benefit of ordering and shipping multiple items in one shippment is significant! If you're patient, start a little shopping list and place your order on line once you've accumulated multiple items.

Hope this at least takes the mystery out of the shipping cost questions

Warm regards,

Frank - NY
Android Brand Ambassador
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