ETA 2824-2 COSC vs Sellita SW 220-1 COSC

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So in the process of correspondence with Christopher Ward regarding my recent purchase of a C11 Titanium Elite Chronometer dive watch I became aware of a discrepancy in their on line literature regarding the movement. In one place it is identified as an ETA 2824-2 COSC and in another (the owners manual) as a Sellita SW 220-1 COSC.

Upon contacting CW I recieved the following reply:

"With regard to your previous email (and I apologise for the tardy response to this) about the movement in the watch, I have spoken with Mr Ward who informs me that the watch has been supplied with both certified SW200 and ETA 2824 dependent on supply. When the manual went to print we were receiving the SW200, as we probably will with our next consignment of these watches. Please note, these are effectively identical movements and we see them both perform with the same degree of accuracy and reliability."

I have found the following information online regarding Stellita and on the company's own website where it describes itself:

Sellita is an independent company specialized in assembling mechanical automatic watch movements.

Now apart from the rather misleading product discription on the CW website that clearly states the movement is an ETA 2824-2, what I would like to know from more knowledgeable members of this forum, is this a deal breaker? Is there a significant difference between the real ETA and the Stellita clone? Does "assembling" mean that Stellita imports ebauches from China and assembles them? Waddaya think? Is this bait and switch? Should I be satified with the explaination given me?
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The Sellita SW200 is identical to the ETA 2824 and even has one extra jewel (can't tell you where it's placed though). While ETA is the original, their patents have run out so anyone can copy them. Sellita has been doing so for a while and with ETA movements becoming harder to find since they are restricting sales the SW200 and SW500 (Valjoux 7750 clone) are getting more popular.
Canceled the order

I am probably cautious bordering on paranoia, however when a product discription does not reflect the actual item being sold, I am less than satified. Even if these two movements are identical, my perception of having been lied to has destroyed my faith in this transaction. An ethical behavior would to have been to immediately change the advertisement on the website to reflect the current lack of availability of the ETA movement. I've canceled the order.

There are other watches to own.:sad:
That's too bad. CW's are really nice watches and I love mine. It wouldn't have been a deal breaker for me.
I was looking at their dress COSC watch and it stated it was an SW-200, but you are right, the C-11, on the website says ETA, the downloadable manual, SW-200.
Is there a difference in price between the 2 mov't? Sellita should be cheaper.
While I would agree that they need to get the website description fixed ASAP, I wouldn't spend one moment worrying about the quality of the Sellita movement. While they haven't been around for as long, they have an excellent reputation and every watch maker I've ever asked has indicated they are every bit as good as the ETA version.

Christopher Ward produces an excellent product and their customer service is absolutely brilliant!
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I like your signature. In your collection, is Tag rank last?
Have them contact you when the right movement is in stock. If its about the principle to not deal with supposed false advertising then go with your gut and look elsewhere. Good luck.
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I'm wondering if that's true or not. ETA has the capability to pump out a lot more movements than Selitta. Wouldn't that imply ETA can afford to offer their product at a lower price? What we should really do is try to find someone who buys movements and ask him which one he can get at a lower cost!
I haven't checked their website, but would assume that have the usual "specs & details subjects to change" disclaimer, or something to that affect. As far as I'm aware, CW is a watch maker in the "general sense", that is, they are NOT a "Manufacture d'horlogerie", and are subject to movement supplier availability. They reasonably (in my opinion) consider the two movements interchangeable, and since they do make mention of both movements in their descriptions, I see no indication of intentional deception.
I don't get the uproar, but what do I know? CW has switched back & forth between the SW200 and ETA 2824 for years. They've done it with several models too. There's nothing wrong with a Sellita. Besides, it isn't my money - although it wouldn't bother me which caliber came inside if I were buying one of their watches.
If it was COSC either way, I wouldn't care if it was Sellita or ETA
If it was COSC either way, I wouldn't care if it was Sellita or ETA
You're a poet and didn't know it.
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I like your signature. In your collection, is Tag rank last?
Yes and no. I only got one Tag and its quartz. It was my very first "good" watch. I have nothing against Tag, there are just other brands that have been more interesting to me.
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