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Hey guys !

I just finished up with a WWI GIANT Size 6s Elgin Trench Watch with an ILLINOIS CASE ! ! !

I've had a few of the GIANT Size 6s Illinois Watch Case Company trench cases but in the past they have always had Swivel Lugs.

This one has the SOLID LUG design ! ! ! ! !

This puppy is huge measuring 48mm lug to lug, 38mm without the crown with 14mm lug diameter.

All of the Illinois 6s cases that I have had have always had 14mm lug diameters.

This case also features a hinged case back which seems to be standard on size 6s Illinois trench cases (except for the UBER RARE semi-hermetic Illinois 6s case).

The original movement in this Elgin was trashed, the wheels in the train were ALL bent.

I tried to install a new train but it simply did not work so I used another 15 jewel size 6s Elgin movement.

The back of the Elgin military dial that features BOLD Arabic numerals has been date stamped "11 - 17" for November 1917.

The dial had hour marker lum dot holes drilled at the factory, a VERY NICE extra feature ! ! !

I re-lumed the skeleton hands and re-filled the lum dot holes with Bergeon Luminous paste, VERY strong glow ! ! !

Serviced movement, new glass crystal installed with UV cement, new inner sleeve on the crown tube, new stem and a replacement crown (it was missing).

And now for some size 6s trench watch "Lug Configuration 101" lessons.

Here are three GIANT size 6s Elgin Trench Watches.

Far left has a Philadelphia "Silverode" case with solid lugs, pop on/off case back.

Middle has an Illinois nickel case with solid lugs, hinged case back.

Far right has an Illinois nickel case with swivel lugs, hinged case back.

The Philadelphia case on the far left has a 16mm lug diameter, short lugs that are close to the case, they only extend out 4mm.

The Illinois case in the middle has 14mm lug diameter, long lugs that extend out 9mm from the case.

The Illinois case on the right has swivel 14mm lug diameter, lugs extend 8mm out from the case.

Here are the two Illinois case with 14mm lugs side by side, VERY RARE to have these two watches in the same room ! ! ! !

Here is the Philadelphia case and the Illinois case with solid lugs side by side, each style gives the watch a completely different look.

The Illinois Watch Case Company loved this 14mm lug configuration, they also used it on the size 3/0s semi-hermetic cases from 1918.

The Philadelphia size 6s Trench Watch Cases are FAR more common than the Illinois size 6s Trench Watch Cases which are EXTREMELY hard to come by these days.

If you have the means I highly recommend picking up a WWI Elgin Trench Watch with an Illinois case ! ! !

SUPERB design, high quality, heavy duty, expert craftsmanship and built for WAR ! ! ! ! !

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Thanks guys !

This Elgin with the Illinois size 6s case and 14mm solid lug configuration will be going into my book.

Very glad I finally got my hands on one of them ! ! ! ! !
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