EL WTF - A Different Take...

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I've found that when shooting the EL WTF, I keep trying to catch that blue second hand just right; maybe making it nice and vivid against that gorgeous dial. Nothing seemed to be working for me, so I decided to go the other way:

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That is excellent !
Thanks everyone. Just trying to mix things up a bit...
Excellent Steve.
Sometimes a black and white picture gives the watch a whole new perspective.
It appears as though you have purchased John's new book MACRO WATCH PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS .
Yes, I know a shameless plug for John's book.

G茅rard M. Diffin茅
Montres Edouard Lauzi猫res - North America
I have but, sadly, I haven't read it yet...
I never got one of those e-mails, either...
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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