Eight cheese boxes

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Sorry guys, wish I could say they're mine. Just reporting that Sam's Club in Bangor, Maine had eight different Invicta models on prominent display, front and center in their watch dept. Can't remember them all but there was a Japanese quartz, black face, scallop edge diver, a chrono model with "racer" in the name, a thick case diver (not RD), a ladies' "baby lupah," and very blingy bejeweled ones. Not an important thread here, but I was interested to see them. When I'm in the market for a new one, I'll buy from a WTF sponsor, NOT Sam's Club. Good weekend to all of you.
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I'm not a fan of Sam's Club,either.
I bought both of mine at Penneys-$100.00 OTD for each of them.In the future I will spend my dollars with our sponsors.
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