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This is not really a watch related subject except to the extent that I'm trying to buy another one. I'm hoping somebody here can help.
I go to Ebay and search Accutron but then, when I click onto "Ending Soonest ", I get a list of auctions that have already ended and,when I finally get to the watches still for sale, it will say that the auction ends in 30 minutes but then, when I click on the watch to try to bid, it says it ends in about 90 minutes. It's like I'm getting into Ebay and hour after something has happened.
Any ideas ?
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I thought it was Ebay but it must not be so you must be right, I just got a new puter and switched from XP to 7 and a lot of things haven't worked very well.
Ebay is still doing it consistently.
At least I didn't switch to 8 like my poor neighbor.
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