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I picked this up today it's a Dubois circa 40s with a EPSA super-compressor case marked with the Trademark (diver's helmet) of Ervin Piquerez S.A. plus EPSA is stamped between the lugs. Only been wearing it since this afternoon but so far it is keeping good time for an older watch will leave it on all day tomorrow and then see. Trying to date the watch i can see it is marked with Anti-Choc (shockproof in French) now after a little research i found out this fact and i quote -
"In May, 1947, the Federal Trade Commission declared that it was impossible to manufacture a completely shockproof watch, and outlawed the use of the term. The terms 'shock absorbent' and 'shock resistant' were permissible"

Watch Brown Analog watch White Light
Font Natural material Metal Wrist Close-up
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