Do you worry about getting mugged for your watch?

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I read this article on another thread. I bring it up here because I want to discuss it further, and don't want to do any thread hijacking. Here it is:

F1 President Bernie Ecclestone Mugged in London; Hublot Stolen From His Wrist | WATCHTIME.COM

I sometimes worry about my old Sandoz being mistaken for a Rolex and getting me mugged. In fact, I put it in my pocket whenever I must walk through 'dicier' neighbourhoods. I wonder if any collectors of Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, or whatever have the same worry.

So, what's your opinion?
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This is really irrelevant, crime of opportunity can happen anywhere - even in upscale or "rich" areas. And most thugs don't care what your name is. I agree personal awareness & common sense are great mitigators (don't wear the blingy diamond-encrusted Day-Date thru a downtown alley at night), but crime isn't limited to the ghetto's. Again, common sense is key here. Be aware of your surroundings, if things don't look right they probably aren't, don't stand out or try to look flashy when it's not common, etc. I can say my destination and surrounding does play a part in what I wear, but it's not just my watch. Clothing & cars are probably more of a mugging-magnet than a watch.
As a former Law Enforcement Officer, I couldn鈥檛 agree with you more, Scott!
They don't. SMW are absolute *****s with their logo - everything from safety glasses to knives to handcuffs to guns.
They know what they're doing with handcuffs and guns, but a fair amount of the other stuff isn't really "up to snuff."
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