Do you worry about getting mugged for your watch?

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I read this article on another thread. I bring it up here because I want to discuss it further, and don't want to do any thread hijacking. Here it is:

F1 President Bernie Ecclestone Mugged in London; Hublot Stolen From His Wrist | WATCHTIME.COM

I sometimes worry about my old Sandoz being mistaken for a Rolex and getting me mugged. In fact, I put it in my pocket whenever I must walk through 'dicier' neighbourhoods. I wonder if any collectors of Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, or whatever have the same worry.

So, what's your opinion?
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1. I don't wear anything recognizable or blingy
2. I don't put myself into situations where someone would be "close" enough to recognize my watch.
Didn't know S&W makes watches. Now I do. See you always learn something new everyday. I thought I know it all.:001_tongue:
They don't. SMW are absolute *****s with their logo - everything from safety glasses to knives to handcuffs to guns.
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