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DLC Coyote Brown interest list

I am hot to get a Brown DLC case or two

NeckyZip can do it, but needs a run of 10 to do this
I am spearheading the interest list

IF we can get 8 other players (i am gonna do two)
THEN everyone send the $$ to NZ and your watches and he does the work

He is doing a Black DLC run now
he is charging $425 for the whole job, dissasembly, prep, dlc, and reassemly
IF you want to send a bare case and just do the DLC, pretty sure would be less

Who: NeckyZIp
How Much: $425 for the full job see above
When: when we get a total of ten watches and you all get $$ and watche to NZ
How Long: Hey, i am not a Cat Hearder, i dont know :001_smile:

This thread is to see if there are 8 other folks that want the job done

so, pm me or post here with interest and i will add to the orginal post

1) Bill Wilson
2) Bill Wilson

- same price for bare case and no dissasemly / resassembly vs whole watch
- case back and crownguards included
- no bracelets, "they have to be done before assembly"

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1) will post pics
Am outta town now
Back Friday

2) please remember this is ONLY to
See if anyone remotely wants a brown dlc ..... No $$$$ asking to be sent

3) i did post a you tube link
cant figure how to cut and paste pics here from this phone

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this is info from another site
copied with permission

sorry if you tube link not work

this thread is ONLY to judge interest Lads :)

Will post pics of black dlc when i can get to work

there are NO brown pics cuz no one has done yet
therefore to the best of my knowledge
these 10 watchez will be the only brown dlc i existance.

I have sent a great deal of watches for DLC/PVD coatings which in turn cost me $thousands$ in the end. The most frustrating part of the process is after the time spent disassembling, shipping, waiting, paying, reassembling - I was never pleased with the end result as if you do anything more than knitting a sweater while wearing the watch the coating would scratch off immediately ruining the appearance of the watch...I gave up on coatings after trying various venders with no change in its durability.

That being said, I had my PAM treated and got it back a few days ago. I deem this coating "Guerilla" because it would withstand a war...hands down.

I have my hands full at the moment but no less than Joe does so after bombarding him with upwards of 10 cases to drill/tap/coat/finish for me I thought i could take a little off of his plate by promoting his new DLC service on the forums and helping you guys get a DLC treatment that wont crap on you after a week. I will get some good shots of mine and host them up here in a few days

Enough chat...onto the details :

This is a DLC process that is used in arospace, race car, nautical, medical, and industural manificturing, as well as millitary weponery. Its a Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition, used to deposit a well adhered Amorphous Diamond-Like-carbon coating in a vacume, at a low tempeture so as not to disrupt the shape of the existing substraight.
the coating is not a film applied or sprayed on, it is applied at a mocelular level giving a hardness of 10-40 GPa, in a thickness of 2-3 microns. this process allows it to follow the curves and get into the less visiable portions of the case. Each case will be dissiambled marked in a hidden portion so all parts are returned together with out fear of losing or mixing up customers variations.

A case will consist of:

mid case
crown guard
crown guard lever
crown guard pin
optional case back


Disassembled-reasembled, cleaned, meida blasted, cleaned, reassembled and shipping back to
the customer including standard usps priority shipping in conus...International will be additional 10 dollars.


Although the coating is extreemly strong, and under NORMAL wear will not rub off, strong knocks aginst sharp
objects will penetrate the coating causing nicks, the sharp edges of the cases are particularly vulnerable. You
actually have to take metal off of the parts before coating is removed. Take care with your new coating as
unabused it should last for many years.

Contact MM or Neckyzips for these services and we will get you taken care of :

[email protected]
[email protected]


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