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In the spirit of Jocke and Hannes, I posted my DIY caseback removal and sapphire caseback webpage at

I list the tools required and the steps.

If for some reason the link picture does not render, it is located at [There is something with the negotiation between and AOL as all my picts have this issue on this board]

In my discovery, I found an inscription by Rolex Service Center (RSC). Any insights on the inscription is appreciated.

The inscription reads as follows: RBH 5/07 3/008 7380

The RBH (Rolex Beverly Hills) makes sense, as does the 5/07 (date). The other numbers are greek to me.

Watchmakers inscriptions on the caseback is a long held tradition that even Rolex follows.

Comments and webpage edits appreciated.


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Thanks for sharing this with our community.

I've also seen RUSA write service information on the case back in ink:

My case back pictured above has some other numbers printed too. I had always assumed they were either numbers identifying the technician who performed the service, or perhaps a code for the service provided, or both.
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