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Discount Watch Store Review: Deep Blue AP (All Purpose) Chrono 0276

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Published on 02-15-2012 11:27 AM

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This Deep Blue AP Chrono watch comes packaged in a round, zippered, faux leather case with cushion, contained within a white outer sleeve. Also included are a Deep Blue Instruction Manual and Limited Warranty Booklet.



Case, Dial, and Strap:

The case measures in at 46 mm at the base not including the crown or function pushers, it tapers up to a 43 mm bezel, then a 32 mm dial/crystal opening, and is 12 mm in overall case thickness. The wider base tapering up to a smaller bezel in conjunction with a smaller dial opening give this watch the feel of a much smaller watch. The entire case has a brushed finish. It is 200 m water resistant and features a screw down crown; however the chronograph function pushers do not screw down. The lack of screw down pushers would make me uncomfortable submerging in water, but it should be ok in all other applications. The bezel has a smooth feel when rotating it and is 72 clicks around.

The dial is black and features a 3D diamond/pyramid waffle pattern. The watch is of course a chronograph and features three sub dials. The dial at the 6 o’clock position is a constant running secondhand, the 9 o’clock dial tracks the elapsed chronograph hours, and the 12 o’clock dial tracks the elapsed chronograph minutes. There are applied mirror polished hour markers with a small amount of luminous material on the outer tip. The orange minute hand is another detail that makes reading the time easier in what some may consider a complicated dial. This is a very sharp dial, and is sure to a garner some compliments, especially when the light hits it just right illuminating the texture pattern on the dial.

This polyurethane strap measures 22 mm at the lugs and tapers down to 20 mm at the clasp. Deep Blue provides a very ample strap on this watch measuring at a maximum of 9 inches and minimum of 6 inches. Surprisingly, for a polyurethane strap it’s very smooth, pliable, and is very comfortable on the wrist. The strap keeper is double wide and holds firm. An additional feature that you don’t see often, are spring bars openings at the lugs making changing out this strap a cinch.






The luminous material used, is applied to the minute hand, hour hand, hour markers, chronograph secondhand, and a luminous dot at the 12 o’clock position on the bezel. To test the lume, I placed the watch outside in indirect light for approximately 15 minutes, and then brought the watch inside a dark room to track how long the lume would last.

This first picture was taken immediately after bringing the watch inside:

This second picture was taken approximately ½ hour later:

This last shot is a ½ hour later after which the lume was no longer visible on camera, but continued to be visible to the naked eye for approximately three hours:


Deep Blue uses a Miyota OS 10 quartz chronograph movement and it appears to run accurately. Also the chronograph secondhand lines up almost perfectly with all of the hour and index markers around the dial.

Overall impression:

The textured dial, fit, finish, and build quality make this watch an excellent value at this price point. If you want an impressive, well built watch, and you’re on a budget you certainly can’t go wrong with this the Deep Blue AP Chronograph. Taking everything into consideration, I’m giving this watch four out of five stars.

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Discount Watch Store Review: Deep Blue AP (All Purpose) Chrono 0276
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