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Okay, I'll take a stab at this, after all it's been 10 days and no one has given any useful help...

The voltage out of the wall-wart is 3 volts, DC. A winder with one rotator, be it a single or dual slot unit should be rated at least 250 ma or 1/4 amp. Two, single or 2 slot rotators would be 500 ma (1/2 Amp).

There are several sizes of the female plug that attaches to the winders case, make sure you check it. As I recall, the barrel of the plug should be about 4.9mm diameter and 14.5mm (.6 inch) LONG...

A picture of the winder would have been a help. If, in fact, there are actually 4, single slot rotators, you should look for a 1 Amp, 3 VDC Wart. Good luck in your search...
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