Did someone mention LUME?

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Mr Ru06,
you asked about Lume...:thumbup1:

who else has Lume shots?

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My humble contribution

Have a good week ahead pals :)


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Very nice lume shots!!!! BTW, what watch is that, that has the V2, V3 markers on the hour?
I guess we are all still in a playful mood on the new forum. Do you mind if I play?

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Yes, I was wondering about the watch with the unusual "Roman Numerals" because it had the correct IV for 4. What is it? Hal
It's the De Ville Co-Axial Byzantium guys

Have a look in the WOTD Archives -

Y'all have a nice day now pals :)

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Wonderful lume shots guys.:thumbup:

Here's mine.....

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My turn to join in on the lume fun. I just wish it would stay so bright a little longer :001_rolleyes:
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Hey Mr XPat

That looks pretty good and it's certainly a darn fine shot to me :thumbup:

Thanks for the picture pal. In the event of a power cut, if you're thinking of making your way down the stairs at night using lume, I'd recommend a torch instead ;)

Be well now :)

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Thanks, Diver88, for starting this thread. Nice pics!!
Thanks Houston,

your right I'll stick to the torch for navigation :D
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