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I have a d.freemont Acugraph chronograph with an ETA 7750 movement. It's almost 2 years old, and until recently I was loving it. On Thanksgiving, it stopped running. I'm fairly sure that it stopped when I pushed the reset button after timing a trip.
The only possible premonitory signs I had noticed were that perhaps the pushers had been feeling a little less crisp, and that a few times I had started the timer function only to find out that it had not really started. The watch has been well- treated.

I sent it back for repair, & was told that all it had needed was cleaning & adjustment. However, within 24 hours it had stopped again, this time definitely after stopping & resetting the timer. Also at this time, it was not possible to wind it at all (David McCready, from d.freemont had suggested trying to wind it in case it simply hadn't been wound enough before wearing it).
I sent it back again, and just got it back on Saturday.
Now it runs, but every time I reset the timer, the sweep hand resets a little less, so that the " home" position is now past the 1:00 position.
I'm assuming that this is all related. Any idea what's wrong?
It's a beautiful watch, but this is getting frustrating.
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