Deployment Straps/Clasps...

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Since getting my Oris Williams F1, I've become a big fan of deployment clasps on straps.

I've got some watches that have tang buckles on the straps, but would like to have deployment clasps on them.

Is there an aftermarket source for either the clasps or straps already with the clasps installed?

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Many of our sponsors carry deployment clasps... :thumbup1:
Thanks, and thanks for the PM!
Many of our sponsors carry deployment clasps... :thumbup1:
Many of them carry deployant clasps as well...:w00t:
The clasps are great. Not only are they easier on the leather, they help prevent you from losing your watch. I love 'em!
Only problem is they're like Dorritos.. Can't have just one.... :wink:

I think I've ordered about 6 in the past 2 months as I've gotten more bands and got tired of taking them off one strap to put on the other when I change out a strap.....
I'm going to order for for my Wenger today.

I'm also thinking about buying another Wenger, which will dictate, then, that I order another clasp...

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