Which Day-Day Metal would be your choice?

Day-Date Preference?

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I was wondering what the most popular metal choices are for those who have or desire to buy the Day-Date?

1. Yellow Gold
2. Rose/Pink Gold
3. White Gold
4. Platinum

Most of the DD's I see are yellow gold. Personally, I think I would probably choose the White Gold but might like the Platinum if I could afford it. What about you?
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I just love my WG :001_rolleyes:

I wasn't aware you could get the Glacier Blue dial in anything other than Platinum. Hannes, that is a stunner! That watch just emits an unbelievable amount of class!

If fortune smiled upon me I'd get nothing less that the platinum with the glacier blue dial. Nothing but the best for my "fortune". BTW, that ratty dollar bill is about what I'd have left over after buying the watch :D
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