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HI all i just bought a croton 2836 auto and when i got it the minute hand would spin around the dial when i shook it to wind i called the seller and he said to send it to croton since they had great cs and warrantee has any one had to send thier croton in and if so, how was the cs and do you think this will be covered under warrantee or should i ask seller for refund. this is a very hard to find model sorry i have no pics ill try to post later thanks for reading

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Croton offers a lifetime warranty. I've not heard of too many issues with Croton so I have not really heard any negatives about their CS. David Mermelstein aka The Merm, who represents his company on the TV shopping show seems like a very stand-up guy.

I have only one Croton watch (Super C) and like it alot.

I'd contact Croton and send it in for repair.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

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I have had two experiences with Croton watches I bought for Mrs. Boscoe.
Both were very happily and efficiently resolved.
One was a plating wear issue, the other was a problem clasp. Both were repaired under warranty (though the plating issue could've been rejected) - and the total time of round-trip transaction was less than 3 weeks.
I highly recommend them. Great CS!
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