Croton Super C from WTF member

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I got this from WTF member exinvictas (Bob in Rochester, NY) yesterday, and all I can say is that this watch is a stunner. I liked it when it first came out. It's everything I hoped for, as this is my first Croton, and this one really lives up to its hype. The SS/rubber bracelet is just too cool (and very well executed), and the size is perfect for me. The CF dial and markings are awesome and the CF looks 6 feet deep.

Bob shipped promptly, packaged the watch so that it could not move around in the box, and was great to deal with from start to finish.

I could not be more satisfied.

Thanks to Bob for the great deal!

Borrowed pic:
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Very nice! :thumbup1: I really like the carbon-fiber dial!

Enjoy!! :thumbup:
Nice addition to your collection!
I have that watch myself and I enjoy it. Wear it in good health:thumbup:
Congrats. That is definately one that Croton got right.
thats a miyota movt?
Yes. And it winds smooth as butter. No grinding.
Very nice... Congratulations:thumbup1: Nice crown guards as well...
Thanks for the kind words. I'm really likin' it!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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