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Hi, I have come across a vintage bulova from 1910
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Wood Clock Material property Rectangle Font
in near mint cosmetic condition. The seller is asking about $70.00. He says the shaft of the second hand is broken. caliber 8AH stock 100 CA-1-501.
I have looked on google but this is of no help. Would you guys happen to know whether this Is an expensive part and repair. TIA, jack
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Hi Guys, Thank you both very much for the info. Showing my ignorance as usual, if the post is broken is it possible to purchase one or am I looking at buying a complete movement, and if so the overal cost involved. The watch does look in good shape at a reasonable cost. many thanks jack.
Hi Mikey, That is really very kind of you but as you say, here in spain might be difficult to repair. I think this is another one that I need to walk away from although I must confess it looks in very good condition. I shall however ask the seller for a little more info. jack
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Thanks for that Mikey. I can change straps but thats about it. Given what you say I shall walk away. regards jack.
Many thanks for that info. It does look a very nice watch but as Mikey says it could cost me more to repair than the watch is worth. jack
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