Are COSC movements worth the extra money?

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COSC - Worth the money?

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COSC watches generally have the highest grade ETA movements and are a standard of quality - at least that's the presumption. We certainly can rest assured they've been throughly tested.

But they also carry a hefty premium. Do you think it's worth it?
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It may be nice to have but it wouldn't be a driving factor in deciding if a wanted the watch or not.

Just curious, does anyone know if there are any watches that are offered either with it or without it and what the price difference is? I'm talking about watches that would be virtually the same other than the certificate.
The COSC movements are adjusted and frequently upgraded - in fact I'd say they're always upgraded. So no apples to apples comparison available, I'd guess.
The no-date sub was a non-COSC movement up until this year. It's the exact same movement (well, less a date complication), just not submitted for COSC certification. It sold for $650 less than the COSC sub. The only differences between those 2 watches are the COSC & a date complication. That's about a 14% premium for the date complication & COSC.

I agree with what you said. It's very hard to find the exact same watch with the only difference being the COSC. So it's really hard to say what exactly you're paying for the COSC. Even in the Rolex example, That uplift price is worth it just to get the date IMO.. :wink: :thumbup1:
I think COSC testing costs $50 a movement. $650 is a hefty premium!
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