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The other day at lunch time, I had a couple of minutes so I paid a visit to an AD just across the street from my office.

I got my 2254 a couple of months ago from another AD that I visited 2 weeks ago and was very disapointed with their knowledge and attitude. It was enough for me to look at who would get my money in the future.

So, back to the new AD, I was greeted by a nice lady. She was very knowledgeable on her product. We talked about the co-axial movement, the actual model but also some new stuff coming. She said she wouldn't be surprise to see an upgraded seamaster with the co-axial movement at Basel.

The main purpose of my visit was to check out and try a PO. I like the 2209 with the orange number but not sure about the orange bezel. That's when she got her big catalog, that I wish I could get a copy, and showed me the new version of the 2209 WITH a black bezel. She ordered two and was waiting for them shortly. I guess I will have to visit them again :biggrin:

Other nice thing she mentionned, my company has a corporate account with Omega, so I can get discount just by showing my business card. That's another good reason to get another Omega, no?

Have a nice week end...Marc
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