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Confucius's Asian Watch Fact of the Knight

The Benrus Watch Company was an American (family run) company. It was founded in New York City in 1921 by three brothers - Benjamin, Ralph, and Oscar Lazrus. The ambitious brothers were Romanian immigrants. The name "BENRUS" was a combination of Benjamin Lazrus first and last names. Hence "BEN"jamin laz"RUS".The original company headquarters were located in the Hippodrome building on 44th street in Manhattan. While some watch assembly took place there, the bulk of the manufacture took place in Switzerland. Benrus owned a factory in la Choux de Fond where watches were assembled. This was run by the first woman to run a major Swiss company. At the time all Swiss watches and parts were controlled by the Swiss cartel who provided Benrus with the movements and parts. Benrus also had a factory in Waterbury CT which is where they made the cases for Benrus watches. The company would later own factories in France, St. Thomas, and the Virgin Islands in the late 50's early 60's.

So why on Earth you ask, is this a "Confucius's Asian Watch Fact of the Knight?"


Benrus once purchased watch movements from Seiko long before Seiko watches were allowed to be imported to the USA! Most movements for the early Benrus Electronic watches were made in Switzerland. Some were also made by Lip in France. At some point in the 1970s they switched to Seiko movements that were made in Japan. It was around this same time, that Benrus would also begin using dials made in Taiwan instead of the Swiss dials.

Sources: W-B Pen & Watch and the Watch Guy, Kevin James
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