Collection Updates.

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1. Alright what do you guys think of the new Invicta watches so far this year?

2. What is you next Invicta watch or the one you will be adding sometime this year?

3. What Invictas have you added so far this year?
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1. I like the designs of the new Invictas so far, but some are out of my size and price range.:huh:

2. There are two Invictas I want the square Russian Diver (quartz or mechanical) and the flyback Corduba chrono or black MOP pro diver. Nothing else has caught my eye this year.

3. Pre-loved: Scooby, 3824 LE Pro Diver, Subaqua Noma III, and square Skully.
New: Ocean Ghost II automatic with a silver dial with blue marker.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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