Cleveland Express

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I just ordered a Cleveland Express with blue dial and bracelet. I read it is COSC certified. I actually considered getting a Rolex but actually like this watch better (yes, it is true). Anyone have a Cleveland? Do you like it?
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I have Ball and Rolex plus other brands. Qualitywise, on the outside both are well built watches. However, brand name of Rolex is much, much more prestigious. I don't think the two can be compared...are you saying that you like a CE better than a Rolex Daytona?

This is like comparing a Ferrari with a well built Toyota Corolla. Price points are different, brand names are different.

If you prefer a CE over a Rolex, then the CE is the right choice for you. Most people who buy Rolex are not just buying the watch per se.
No offense here. But BALL CE and Rolex Daytona are deffinitely not the same caliber. Rolex Daytona is one of the most recognise and complicated model of rolex. But it you put rolex daytona beside UN chrono or Brueget complicated model. Daytona is nothing compare to it. So rolex maybe prestigue but it is also not really so prestigue in many other sense.
For a better comparison of BALL and Rolex(And in these case) CE with Airking or datejust. All cosc and uncomplicated dial with maybe date window. Then you would have a better judgement. You can only lied to yourself if you still think rolex is better looking at their price and functionality...
But then again rolex uses the "own movement" so there my be a selling price there but the it price do not really justify the "own movement"? Iit only justify the commermical value that rolex has spend on advertising and sponsoring event. And Daytona used Valjoux7750 at one stage of production(wonder what movement Tudor uses?). So rolex owner can really think of their favourite phase-"a rolex is a rolex" cause they think they bought something unique but it another watch where people dump it pre-own watch shop.
Somehow, I need convincing that a Ball is same level as a Rolex. If we take a Rolex and a Ball, and go up to anyone on the street and ask them to choose one, they might all choose a Rolex. And Rolex is considered as an 'investment'...Rolex can be easily converted into money - that's why most gangsters in Asia wear Rolex (this I have told). Mind you I am not a Rolex fan...there're too many out there on the streets and that's why I am starting to not wear mine. Quality-wise, still, if someone can do me a tech spec by spec comparison of the components, the technology innovations involved, etc. so as an engineer I can have a spreadsheet analysis just like a response to a government tender (!), then it will help us all a lot. All I hear about Ball is the 3H, and some creative functions, but I hear about new springs from Rolex, 'better' steel used on Rolex, etc., the revoluntionary YM II design.

I do not know about UN and others. I only know they are more expensive but why this is the case I have no clue. Can someone tell me?

I think much has to do with marketing strategy, although there has got to be some quality issues involved, hence I can be completely wrong and a Ball is actually same quality as a Rolex, or even better (surprise, surprise).
Well you are right about rolex raw material part. They do use better grade raw material but it still just dun really justify the selling price unless you are talking about gold/plat base product. But people buy rolex for the brand name(so it just paying of the commerical value of the watch). At current standard, BALL is definitely not the same class as Rolex. I dun think i heard of much QC problem with rolex but BALL is not the case.There are others minor problem too. And BALL dont really have their "independent movement" so maybe when they really come out with unqiue "independent movement" then they might be same class as rolex.
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