Chronograph Problems

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I have several Chronographs and admitedly they are not high end and they are quartz.
The problem I have that's frustrating is if there is any jarring of the watch the second hand (the sweep hand in the center) will go off twelve. Even after resetting the button it will go back to the off twelve position.
I have an Invicta Chrono and don't recall having the problem, but I have a Citizen Thunderbird that the sweep hand is off 12.

Anyone have this problem or should I stop banging my fist on the counter for service with a Chrono on?
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All of my chronos can be calibrated by following and arcane protocol of pulling the stem and pushing the pushers in various sequences.

For the Citizen, you should be able to go online and access the manual to find the sequences for that watch, if such exists. I don't own a Citizen chrono, but the feature is so common that I think yours should have one, too.
Hey it worked! Now I can stop being grumpy.:thumbup:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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