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The holidays are right around the corner - what watch (or which 8 watches if ur Jewish :biggrin:) does everyone have on their wish list? Post pix!

Mine are THIS:
Watch Analog watch Clock Font Watch accessory

The Oris BC4 Blue Eagles Limited ANY of the following LE #s: 0033, 0133, 0233, 0330-0339, 0433, 0533, 0633, 0733, 0833, 0933, 1033, 1133, 1233, 1330-1339, 1433, 1533, 1633, 1733, 1833, 1933 (of the original 1,969 watches, that leaves me 36 options - it won't be easy, but neither was finding the Oris GP70 LE #0733)

or, barring that, THIS:
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font

The Oris BC3 Regulator Diver.

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I'd like some Omega mesh for my two Seamasters.

In a perfect world I would find this under the tree:

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I've already instructed those who give me gifts: L眉m-Tec B1 or Omega PO (silver on black) or a vintage Hamilton Ventura. Not lookalikes, not reissues, not a B2,3,6...

I have a long and storied history of getting gifts that are close to what I want. Case in point: last year I wanted one of those little helicopters that you can fly around indoors and harass cats with. I got a gigantic helicopter that can remove the limbs of cats, thus having to be flown outside and away from cats. Not as much fun, but it's the thought that counts. Not so when it comes to watches, I'm an ingrate when it comes to my watches.

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The holidays are right around the corner...
I know! Several houses on our street had their Christmas' outdoor decorations lit 4 DAYS AGO!!!!:glare:
My wish watch is a Christopher Ward automatic. ANY CW automatic.

But I'm like Dennis, so it may turn out to be my birthday present instead.

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My Christmas watch is already in house! I have wanted a Breitling for years and I was finally able to put the funds and a good deal together to pick up a used Superocean Professional. I got it in the mail 2 days ago, wore it for a day to make sure it was in good shape and now it's back in the box. (and I am on a watch buying hiatus)

(seller's pic

First wrist shot with the cell phone....

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JLC Master Control ... more likely an after Christmas purchase

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