Christmas, Toys and your Favorite Complications

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One of my two favorite times of the year, the other being Easter. Quite different of course even if both are cause for rejoicing since with Easter one first observes the stark and sombre passage before coming into the light.

I used to get toys when I was younger. Then my parents switched the emphasis to books. I've never been a book enthusiast as most of my previous GFs have discovered. I do buy them of course but those of an informational variety.

What I love are toys
. I've never been into those executive toys which were fashionable around the early to mid-eighties. They had their initial moments of fun following which they became yet something else to dust :001_rolleyes:

My best toy though is the chronograph

In the ToyZ for boyZ stakes, nothing comes close.

What's your favourite complication or perhaps toy, pals?

Y'all be well now

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Thats a pretty cool toy Mr Zin:thumbup1:

maybe if I'm good Mr Santa might bring me one of those....

Did you write Santa a letter pal and indeed post it in time?


Be well now amigo

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