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I could really use help from some experienced watch enthusiasts. I joined this site to learn more about watch winders in shopping for a first purchase for my husband-to-be's Christmas present. I'm far from figuring things out to get his gift in time!

His watch is a Breitling Blackbird. How do I figure out which direction and how many turns per day is needed (and whether a non-adjustable setting is sufficient)? Do Jewels help determine the setting? Here are some specs according to the website:

Vibration 28 800 v.p.h
Jewel 38 jewels
BLACKBIRD - Blackbird - Chronomat - Technical data - Models - BREITLING | INSTRUMENTS FOR PROFESSIONALS™

He seems to like Rolex watches as well, and in case he one day is lucky enough to get one, I'd like to get a two place containing winder. Would one motor for both settings work for a Rolex and this particular Breitling?

Thanks in advance!
Hi Jina - welcome to the forum. I did a little research for you. According to the Breitling website, your husband's watch uses the Breitling caliber 44. With this information, we can reference a database which my favorite watch winder manufacturer Orbita has on their website:

Orbita - Watch Database

According to the Orbita website, the Breitling caliber 44 winds in both directions and requires 650 turns per day - the same requirement for most Rolex watches by the way.

Nearly any winder you look at should be able to do 650 TPD. So you've got a lot of freedom of choice. The next question is, what's your budget? Watch winders are a luxury item and can be pretty expensive, but well worth it.. :thumbup1:
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