Changing Lanes

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You've put some money aside, perhaps even disposed of something in your collection to make way for the next acquisition. You walk into your AD or are about to place an order for it when you spot something else that you'd like.

Has this ever happened to you?

It did in a way to me, back in the middle of September 2005. Ben had just bought John's Great White SMP GMT as I recall and posted some very nice pictures of it. John as you know has reviewed both this and the GMT Noir. Then I saw some very attractive lume shots by Keith Dowling on TZ and that did it for me so I ordered it, a day before I was due to attend a wine tasting. Following the event, I wandered into a dealer who was new to me in the Bond St area and saw the Blue 42.2mm AT. The way the light reflected off the brushed surface of the dial got me hooked immediately. The dealer suggested I cancel the order for the GMT but I had already ordered it and a pledge is a pledge.

Well pals - ever experienced something like this?

Let's talk soon :thumbup1:


y'all have a nice day now :001_smile

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but I had already ordered it and a pledge is a pledge.
A true gentleman Zin...:thumbup:
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