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Not sure this warrants a whole new thread; maybe we can put it down as another "incoming" thread.

I was surprised to to find that Hamilton's c1957 casino watch has not been mentioned to date in this forum. Having just 'accidently' won the auction for this number I thought I'd better add the missing model to the archives...

I say accidently because I went in with what I felt was a low ball and won. While I should be excited, I am instead a bit concerned. Firstly It's yellow gold and I've only seen reference to Casinos being 14K solid white gold. Secondly the hands on this one are so wrong and thirdly, what is going on with the 'gunsight' marking on the subseconds dial (Admittedly it doesn't look so bad in the image of the dial by itself) and finally, don't know anything about the 730 movement; not seen it any of the watches I'm usually interested in?

Would appreciate your responses to these concerns. Thanks!


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The Casino was indeed cataloged in both yellow and white gold so that's perfectly correct. I've seen more white ones with diamond dial but yellow isn't incorrect.

The hands do appear to be replacements, I've only seen conventional dauphine hands.

The cross-line seconds dial is correct, though it looks to me that it has been refinished and the lines are not centered properly -- it looks like it tilts to the left.

The 730 is actually an excellent movement. It is basically the 747, which was introduced in 1947 as the basic workhorse of the Hamilton line, but whereas the 747 has no shockproofing the 730 does have Incablock shock jewels. It is therefore a superior movement to the more common 747.

EDIT TO ADD: Here's a pair of Casinos I found in my photo archive. I sold these a couple of years ago.

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