Carl F Bucherer Patravi TravelTec GMT Limited Edition

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I am not sure if anyone remembers a Carl F Bucherer Patravi TravelTec GMT Limited edition released in 2005.

Carl Bucherer seems to be lesser well-known brand over here. Not much is said about this brand as compared to others.

Still, I was privileged once again to serve a customer with this watch he wanted badly for himself. Everything went smooth in shipping, except the bit about payment delay process. I have never used echeck before so I am not sure what the heck is that.

Still I snap a few pictures of the entire package. I must say the box was one hella heavy and big one!! Made probably with aluminium/SS, the box weighs almost 5kg already.

The dial is impressive, the workmanship is superb. It is a heavy watch for sure!!! and a thick one too.

One of a kind invention. with 3GMT reading. More about the watch can be read from europastar

Comes with COSC cert as well.

Click below for slideshow of the actual watch.

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Never heard from the brand, but it's very impressive indeed... :thumbup1:
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