Cannonball Questions

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What a beautiful dial on this watch. It really recalls a look of days gone by and I like the way the chrono registers are arranged.

My questions are two fold:

1. Why did Ball choose to go with a stacked (modular movement) as opposed to modifying an existing chrono. Stacked movements are something that we see when necessary (moonphase, tidal come to mind)but there seems to be no reason to do so for a chrono.
Why was a modular approach selected and what are the advantages as Ball sees them?

As you may have heard, Ball has gone to a standard second hand, minus the logo and tritium to correct for accuracy issues. I think the accuracy discovery is most interesting indeed and must have Ball folks happy.

2. How did you figure out that the accuracy problem was attributable to the second hand?

I look forward to learning more about this most interesting model.
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Jeremy from Ball is on hiatus right now, and I do not know enough about the brand to know help out.

Ball is good about replying to emails, and you can contact them here:

If they respond, please post back for us to learn and discuss this!!!


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