Can you recommend good place to buy Paneria watch?

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Can you recommend good place to buy Paneria watch?

where can you get good deal/best price?

would you shop on line or is it to risky?

thanks for your help
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Dmitry, there are several ADs in London.

Personally I would be very careful shopping online. If you're looking for a used one, the FS forums here,,,, and are a good place to start.

Stay away from eBay...
thank you so, you would buy from one of this sites instead of paying full price in the shop?
I did! Got my PAM210 off the FS forum on Just make sure to CHECK REFERENCES for the seller and you should be fine.

As always buying from an established member is always a bit safer than a newer member.

I was just at Selfridge's (Oxford St.) today drooling over the watch cases. I got so excited over a PAM112F they had in the case! It was a NOS display piece and wasn't for sale. :sneaky2:
i know! i went to Selfridge's 2 weeks ago, to try on IWC watch as i was shore thats what i wanted but they had a dummy of Paneria 0049, i tried it on and totally loved it!
having looked on the Internet and found the model of the same size only with power reserve, which i really like to have which is paneria 0241
(Harrods has dummy of that one! and it looks superb on my hand)

So, if i buy from AD i will definitely go for Harrods, but wouldnt mind getting it abit cheaper,

can i ask you how much you saved when got yours?
P.S. this is the one im after: Paneria 0241:eek:hmy:


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I have the same watch, PAM 241 and I love it. I changed my strap to Panerai brown/cordovan croc strap, because I didn't like the grain of the black one up close. I was told you cannot buy it the way I wanted it so I had to buy the watch with the black strap and then buy the brown strap. Also, the straps are VERY easy to change for a deployment clasp. One more thing, the 241 is a 40mm watch, which I need because I have the wrists of a 10 year old girl, but it also is not as sought after currently as the 44mm models.

sounds good,i 40mm is great size i think the bigger model paneria0090would be to big for day-to-day use,

but yes great watch ,can i ask where did you buy it? and how much you payed?
No problem. A new PAM210 would have been $4500 or so last fall, I believe. I got my 98% PAM210 for ~$3300 delivered. Now resale depends on how popular a model is on the used market. Luckily for me, the 210 seems to be a slow mover on the used market.
Thanks for the info,thats great saving! can you recommend the person you got it from?
P.S. this is the one im after: Paneria 0241:eek:hmy:
im after brand new one of these
I bought from an AD in the states here that I have a good relationship with and was able to save 25%
who from?
Hi Rick,

im shopping for Pam0241 at the moment....

and because in most cases you have to pre-order any paneria watch , AD normally ask you for deposit between 10 and 50% and you always pay full price,

if they can give you any discount , please get their contacts for me !!!

the only on line store in the UK< can get you some money off brand new Paneria is

they also have show room in Kent
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Hi Dimitry,

Thank you for the information and the link.

Unfortunately Kent is over 200 miles away for me. However, you never know. I may pop in if they ever have anything I want at a good price.
Do you have any thing closer to you? if you do please let me know
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