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I'm hoping that someone can help me identify the brand and model of this watch. Sorry for the poor quality of the image, it was the best that I was able to manage.

Body jewelry Gesture Finger Thumb Violet

From what I could make out the face is yellow, surrounded by an inner silver bezel, then an outer black bezel. The band is silver black stripes running between "H" like links. On the lower portion of the band the black stripes become solid. There do not appear to be any buttons or knobs on the left side of the watch, but there is POSSIBLY one (or more) on the right.

From the source of the image, I estimate that the watch was manufactured some time prior to March 20th, 2002; although could have been LONG before that and certainly could have continued production afterwards.

I'd love to hear what kjind you think it is, and ideally I'd love a link or a photo for comparison purposes.

Any guesses?

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Doesn't Hamilton like to integrate an "H" into their bracelets?:confused1:
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