Cafe' Americana!

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I have been thinking about this thread for a long time
and wanted to wait until we had a nice little group
of people in this Forum.

It is called "Cafe Americana" and it will remain at the header...
Please join the fun.:thumbup1:

I wanted to do a thread where we could kick back,
have a cup of Joe, Wine, Sangria...
(depending on what time of the day it is!)
and share our interests, families, dogs, cats
whatever... and who we are.

We have a GREAT group of people here...
(and growing rapidly!)

I have lots of interests and lots of "kids"
I collect motorcycles and related stuff too!
Here is one of them!

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I really want a safety razor and a long list of other things lol very cool!
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I got the Merkur on Amazon, and the Gillette on eBay.
Which one do you prefer?
Awesome! I can't wait to see blurry NOLA shave related photographs!

Let me know if you need help. I trust you saw the post recommending types of Gillettes for your shave. Try a fatboy, you can adjust it manually. Can probably get it for 30 - 50 bucks if you want the box or not
I did. the box makes it so much cooler definitely want one
1 - 6 of 217 Posts
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