Cafe' Americana!

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I have been thinking about this thread for a long time
and wanted to wait until we had a nice little group
of people in this Forum.

It is called "Cafe Americana" and it will remain at the header...
Please join the fun.:thumbup1:

I wanted to do a thread where we could kick back,
have a cup of Joe, Wine, Sangria...
(depending on what time of the day it is!)
and share our interests, families, dogs, cats
whatever... and who we are.

We have a GREAT group of people here...
(and growing rapidly!)

I have lots of interests and lots of "kids"
I collect motorcycles and related stuff too!
Here is one of them!

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Valtyr, I am very surprised to find someone of your age using these old razors but am proud to say that I have been contemplating going back to using the old double-sided razor for two reasons:

1. I've never been comfortable using disposable razors with all the plastic waste it produces

2. The very limited lifetime of the disposable blade.

I still have a couple of my old razors and as soon as I find blades for them I will start using them again.

I see that Amazon sells blades (mostly made in Russia) by Gillette
and the Feather platinum coated brand made in Japan. Which do you use and prefer?

Congrats on your NOS vintage find! :thumbup1:

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valtyr, it isn't marked with the name Fatboy but it is adjustable from 1-9 positions. This is the one I used all the time way back when I was first began shaving my legs. Actually, it was the only non-electric type available to me at the time... I finally caved and started using disposables at about age 20. Thanks for the info on the blades. :biggrin:
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:lol::lol::lol: That would be hilarious!!! :lol::lol::lol:

Oh ,and by the way, my razor wasn't new but a hand-me-down from one of my 6 older siblings!
That was quick...:w00t::w00t::w00t: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!

is that with the Fatboy?
The best I can do right now since I don't have any blades yet is to offer a before and after of what it could look like....

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