Cafe' Americana!

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I have been thinking about this thread for a long time
and wanted to wait until we had a nice little group
of people in this Forum.

It is called "Cafe Americana" and it will remain at the header...
Please join the fun.:thumbup1:

I wanted to do a thread where we could kick back,
have a cup of Joe, Wine, Sangria...
(depending on what time of the day it is!)
and share our interests, families, dogs, cats
whatever... and who we are.

We have a GREAT group of people here...
(and growing rapidly!)

I have lots of interests and lots of "kids"
I collect motorcycles and related stuff too!
Here is one of them!

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If running from the law were my favorite past time, I would either want to be on your Ducati or in a Veyron.

Either way, I don't believe any interceptor in the world is keeping up with me. :cool1:

Again G, super cool bike!
Wearing my new Benrus for the day. First time in public and man it is beautiful!!!
Made in America!

Made Proudly in America

A few of my favorite things. Just got a new Fat Boy adjustable safety razor from Gillette. It's so cool! 9 positions that it can put your razor blade at for the optimal shave. Original case, papers, and razor blades! I don't intend on starting a new collection and actually trying to use it today.

Spider, Beau Monde, Fat Boy

Few interesting pics

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If you need help with the razor, let me know NOLA, I might be able to help you. I've got a lot of stuff invested in the highest possible safe shave I can have.
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I got the Merkur on Amazon, and the Gillette on eBay.
You're so right G. I think it made for a safer shave where the razor holds the blade at the optimal angle so you can just guide it rather than line it up and pull skin.

It made for one of the best shaves I've ever had, it is so cool and proudly made in America!
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I'm glad you ask, the mach 3 and fusion razors are very much designed for a fast shave. More blades = more irritation but quicker speed. The fusion is a much improved version of the Mach 3 which is a very terrible razor. I take 4 passes at my face and really pamper it.

What I do is go down with the grain, then from the ear to the nose, then from the nose to the ear, then finally (if necessary) I'll go against the grain.

When you get used to a proper shave and take your time with it you will find that your whiskers don't come back as quickly and your facial skin and beard are much healthier. The safety razor exfoliates skin as well as makes for the closest possible shave (aside from straight razor).

My trick is either shaving in the hot shower, or putting a steaming towel on my face for a few moments, opens up the pores. Then I do a pre-shave lotion make the hair stick up and tighten the skin (also makes the razor glide) never use alcohol!!!, then I use a badger hair brush in Art of Shaving shaving cream (no aerosol the chemicals and propellants dry skin) and apply it on my face in a circular motion (helps hair stand and also exfoliates). Make my 4 passes as mentioned and then cool off with a nice splash of cold water to close the pores. Put a post shave balm on (Also Art of Shaving) and use a styptic pen for any nicks. I'd say shaving is now one of my favorite things to do and it makes for an extremely close and comfortable shave when you get used to it!

Sheesh (that was a lot)!
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Hi Liz!! Thanks for noticing and I'm happy to know that you want to go back to a better quality blade. I've tried crummy Dorco blades that are great for beginners, the shave isn't very close at all but it makes for a nice welcome into safety razor shaving. I also got a few Merkur blades with the razor and they're the worst I've ever used. Average sharpness but they ripped the crap out of my face. I was literally missing chunks of skin when I used it. To me.... There is NOTHING better than a Feather Platinum. They're worth the cost, they hold the used razors in a fully recyclable container post usage too. To me and my skin Feather is the finest blade (and undoubtedly the sharpest blade) in the world! Amazon has some sampler packs too so you can get a feel for the right ones, but most people find the blade they like 2 or 3 boxes in and throw the rest away!

As for the ones you have there, what is the adjustable one? Is it a fatboy too???

Ham X Guy!!! Noooooooooooooooooooo :001_tt2: I'd love for you to try a safety razor and give it some time to adjust! I think if you have a little time in the mornings or when you get off of work you'll really enjoy what you experience. Check on eBay for Gillette Aristocrat, President, Fat Boy (mine, its cool because you adjust it for your beard). I also have a modern one called a Merkur something or other but it isn't nearly as great as the Fat Boy... I think the Gillette President is the grail of most razors and are pretty rare, but the Aristocrat is a gold plated version of the President that is more common.
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I believe Fat Boy is a nick name because of the fat handle on it. I'm not sure its official designation but it looks exactly like mine! I'd love for you to start again!

It seems dumb but I'm tempted to post a before and after shave picture. With one in between so I can show off fluffy shaving cream :lol::lol:
Alright, I'm making the collage now. I totally rushed it because I was excited to do the collage!
Yes it was. I realized the razor was dull on the third pass and my entire neck is gone :lol::lol::lol:
hahahahahahahahaha I just "LOL'ed" so hard! I admire those heels for supporting that inappropriately proportioned leg!
Gillette Fat Boy 1000x over the Merkur. The merkur is nice, but the rounded top makes it very hard to get the closest shave possible!
You'll have to post some blurry shave related photos too, so I'm not the only tool that did it!
Awesome! I can't wait to see blurry NOLA shave related photographs!

Let me know if you need help. I trust you saw the post recommending types of Gillettes for your shave. Try a fatboy, you can adjust it manually. Can probably get it for 30 - 50 bucks if you want the box or not
Hahaha!!! Thanks G.

Did you see the rumor I started about you looking like J. Travolta? I don't know where it is at, but I think I taught Rick about it.

I'm having a great laugh about that!
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